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Signia Styletto

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These hearing aids will
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Have a nice chat over coffee, conduct long business meetings, or sit and listen to your favorite music. Signia Nx lets you enjoy the most natural sound and superior audio streaming from your TV and smartphone.

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These hearing aids will change your life

  • Completely hidden from view
  • Best speech understanding
  • Highest wearing comfort

Small, Smaller, Nx

The newest Signia (formerly Siemens) hearing aids contain the latest technology which makes them virtually invisible yet incredibly powerful. These devices help you to understand every word clearly while offering the best hearing comfort. You won't see or feel them, but you will hear the difference!
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The future of modern hearing systems is here

The new Signia Nx hearing system is here — and it is revolutionizing the hearing aid industry. After 50 years of research and development, German engineers have found a way to pack the best technology in a device so small, it disappears behind or inside your ear.

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Signia Styletto

A world exclusive:

  • Latest rechargeable hearing aids
  • For mild to profound hearing loss
  • Preferred choice of 8 out of 10 people

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  • Thanks to our official partnership with Signia, we offer you the latest German technology at the best prices.
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  • With headquarters in Germany, offices in 9 countries, and over 400+ of the best audiologists in India, we are the #1 hearing aid provider in the world!

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